1. How long have you been in business?
Our company was founded in 1954 by Wilbur Mock who had a desire to produce high quality custom woodworking.

2. What is your size?
Our facilities include 46,000 square feet of floor space and we have up to 50 associates.

3. Where do you find skilled craftsmen?
People typically come to us with some education or experience in construction and then they receive on the job training. Our average tenure for craftsmen is over 15 years.

4. Where do you purchase wood?
This is dependent on the species specified for the project. Domestic hardwoods typically come from Southern Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Imported woods come from all over the world.

5. What is your company specialty?
We are a full service company, working with wood, plastic laminate and other materials but our knowledge of solid wood and specialty veneers allows us to do projects that differentiate us. General product areas include architectural woodwork and repetitive items such as store fixtures.

6. Do you install your work?
We typically take responsibility for installation. We subcontract with a select group of companies that specialize in installation to do this work.

7. Do you provide finishing?
We factory finish most of our work in our dedicated finishing facility. We are proud of the finish that we provide and we consider it one of the most important factors in high quality woodwork.

8. What is your design capability?
We have in-house capability and experience to provide engineering design services. We are usually not involved with conceptual design as provided by architects and interior designers.

9. What are some notable projects that your firm has completed?
A list of projects is included on our site but a few that stand out include The Ohio Statehouse Restoration, The Hilton Hotel at Easton, Starstruck / Reba McEntire Offices and Studios, M. Bohlke Veneer Offices, various Smithsonian projects and over 600 American Eagle Outfitter stores.

10. Do you give factory tours?
We welcome the opportunity to show our plant and equipment to interested groups.

11. Where are you located?
We are approximately one hour from Columbus, Ohio and 2 miles off of Interstate 70 on State Route 40. A map is included on our site.