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Creating the ideal work environment can promote a culture of community, encourage a spirit of collaboration, boost morale and help enhance productivity. At Mock Woodworking, we can help you transform your space from a utilitarian office space into beautiful, warm and welcoming environments that work to reflect your company’s brand vision and values.

We combine old-fashioned craftsmanship, hands-on experience and high-tech equipment to design uniquely distinctive products that are built to last. Mock Woodworking is fully equipped to handle a wide range of diverse projects – from simple to intricate and complex. Expect millwork you’ll be proud to display.

Woodworking for Corporate Offices

The design team at Mock Woodworking can develop a stylistic theme and build specific solutions designed to fit your project requirements perfectly. Our millwork craftsmen bring their expertise to every project – helping you discover working solutions for even the most difficult of finishing issues.


Mock Woodworking has custom designed architectural woodwork solutions for a wide range of industries including:


Business Centers


Corporate Headquarters


Commercial Properties


Conference Centers


Office Buildings


Government Facilities

Count on Mock Woodworking for custom design and a number of business solutions:

  • A warm and inviting reception desk for your lobby area
  • Impressive lecterns and conference tables for your meeting rooms
  • Accommodating audio/video cabinets
  • Well-appointed workspaces and desks for your staff
  • Sturdy cabinetry and fixtures for filing and archiving
  • Comfortable seating for clients
  • Bookshelves and lateral files for your corporate library
  • Distinctive display cases to showcase historic artifacts and industry awards

Our expert team of millwork craftsmen can help you select materials, finishes, profiles and even help design custom profiles, should your project demand it.

Custom Products & Solutions

We do more to execute your vision.

Customization and quality craftsmanship are the hallmarks of Mock Woodworking. You’ll find a remarkable dedication to crafting custom solutions that work to suit your facility’s purpose, requirements and special uses. Expect fastidious attention to detail, unmatched finishing work and enduring style that you’ll be proud to display in your commercial space.

No matter the material or configuration, Mock Woodworking can custom fabricate millwork and casework using a wide range of materials – from wood products and veneers to plastic laminates. We’ll work with you to custom design solutions that suit your specific space and use needs. You’ll find impressive attention to detail in the elegant finish work we bring to every project. The customized choices are practically endless:




Plastic laminates


Solid Surface Stone



Make each construction
stylishly unique. Choose from:

  • Door panel options
  • Paint or stain colors
  • Finish treatments
  • Specialty fixtures
  • Hardware

The process may be simple, but the results are no less than extraordinary. Expect enduring quality, style, function and durability.

Start-to-finish Services

Beyond custom design fulfillment, the team at Mock Woodworking Company provides comprehensive, start-to-finish services:

  • Estimating
  • Technical assistance
  • CAD/CAM processing
  • Prototyping
  • Professional Project Management
  • Factory finishing
  • Final Installation

Mock Woodworking Company Quality

What is the Mock Woodworking story?  It is dedication to the long tradition of fine woodworking craftsmanship, a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for custom woodworking that makes a statement or creates a one-of-a-kind customer experience, Mock Woodworking is ready to take on your next challenge – built to order, designed to impress and guaranteed to last.

The job isn’t complete until you’re completely satisfied.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to enhance your workplace aesthetic and improve productivity, or a facilities manager looking to update or upgrade a listing, we will work with you to tailor a solution that works to suit your business space and location. At Mock Woodworking, the job isn’t complete until you’re completely satisfied.

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