Stefani Solution HD Edgebander
An innovative edgebanding machine to meet the needs of today’s architects and designers looking for top quality elements with a stylish appearance, and quick machining times. Meeting every possible style requirement and ability to apply edgebanding strips made of the latest materials (3D, High Gloss, PMMA, etc.) on every type of panel. The degree of machining flexibility and productivity dramatically helps reduce costs while maximizing the customer’s individual needs.


Weinig Unimat Moulding Machine
We have over 1,200 standard moulding profiles and custom profiles to meet our customer’s needs.  We keep an extensive library of custom knives all created at Mock Wood Working. Also used for surface planning, straightening, sawing.


Routech 210AL
Is a compact and flexible machining center ideal for custom and mass production. CNC technology allows greater flexibility in product design while creating efficiencies that reduce overall costs.


Morbidelli Author 430 CNC Router


Holzma HPP 350
Offers high operating speeds, rack and pinion drives on both the program fence and saw carriage, 80mm blade exposure and 18 HP main saw motor. In addition, the HPP 350 features a user-friendly PC-based, graphical control, CADmatic 4.0 and a unique side pressure device. The HPP 350 is designed to enhance efficiencies and the demand for precision cutting, improved cut quality and quick cycle times.


Superfici Flat line finishing system
Producing high quality finishes customized to meet your specific needs. Lacquer, Stains, Dyes and Top Coats are applied consistently creating uniform finishes  across long production runs.