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Beauty in the Wood

The beauty of every project begins in the tree. The choice of wood species is key to creating the most impactful woodworking.

Our conversations with clients are rich with discussions of how different tree species produce different end results. One aspect is grain which provides just the right pattern and texture when the most fitting species is chosen for the project.

Our blueprint matching process allows Mock to produce a consistent grain pattern match in veneers.

Our Midwest location makes it easy to access Eastern hardwoods, which are in great demand and provide high-quality furnishings and fixtures.

Expert Finishing Supports Your Brand

Mock Woodworking’s dedicated finishing facility produces a high-quality, durable, furniture-grade finish and features computerized color matching. Wood tone and color is important to retail branding. Our innovative finishing team chooses wood species to complement the in-store experience.

We always look for ways to improve the cost, efficiency, durability and look of your speciality fixtures and woodworking.

From the carefully-chosen wood species…to our judicious use of tools and technology…all brought together by classic craftsmanship…

Mock Woodworking is a unique addition to your building project.

in pursuit of sustainability

While wood is the most renewable resource used in the construction industry, sound stewardship practices are critical to the long-term condition of the environment and to the viability of our industry. Mock Woodworking Company is committed to sustainability, both internally and externally. We have invested in methods and equipment that reduce the amount of manufacturing waste. Mock Woodworking recommends and utilizes materials that are most friendly to the environment. We are increasingly involved with LEED projects and the utilization of certified wood. We also support national organizations that promote sustainability and have established a local tree farm that will benefit the environment and future generations.

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