Dedication to Craftsmanship

The dream designs of architects and commercial branding experts come alive in our 46,000-square-foot workshop in Zanesville, Ohio, where we produce high-quality custom woodworking and specialty fixtures.

What Craftsmanship Means To Mock Woodworking

At Mock Woodworking, a combination of skill, imagination, and fluency in the latest equipment drive an approach to craftsmanship that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Expect to find a remarkable dedication to crafting custom solutions to suit your facility’s purpose, requirements, and special uses.

Clients partner with Mock Woodworking because of our reputation for unmatched craftsmanship and custom design solutions that achieve the very best final result.

Our Quality Process

Mock Woodworking is home to craftsmanship in the digital age. We bring the best old-world craftsmanship brought to life with the newest tooling, equipment, and efficiencies. We understand it’s the job of architects and contractors to imagine, design, and create distinguished and functional spaces.

Mock Woodworking provides comprehensive, start-to-finish services:

  • Budgeting: Thorough cost estimates during the design and pre-construction ensure solid decisions.
  • Technical assistance: Professional assistance on a wide selection of materials, finishes, and design details.
  • Prototyping: Samples and prototypes to bring sketched drawings and architectural blueprints to life.
  • CAD/CAM processing: Experienced engineers leverage industry-specific software to communicate and partner with design professionals and the shop floor.
  • Professional project management: Dedicated project managers work with you from your initial idea through installation.
  • Factory finishing: Our finishing facility produces a high-quality, durable, furniture-grade finish.
  • Final installation: Our network of expert installers is aligned with our exact expectations for final product quality.


From the carefully-chosen wood species…to our judicious use of tools and technology…all brought together by classic craftsmanship…

Mock Woodworking is a unique addition to your building project.

Led by Doug Mock,

who began working as a teenager in the business his father founded in 1954, Mock Woodworking offers consulting services to clients seeking expertise in the performance of wood species, custom architectural woodworking and specialty retail woodworking.

DePauw University
Casing and Millwork Only

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