If you take a closer look at the buildings you encounter in daily life, you’re likely to see woodwork all around you. You may see woodwork (also called millwork) the moment you enter a home, store, or business. That’s because wood offers such a versatile and beautiful way to build the world around us—and it has for centuries.

Firms like Mock Woodworking are responsible for creating the woodwork you see in commercial and residential buildings. It’s called architectural woodworking and refers to any custom-made wood products found in a building’s interior or exterior—doors, flooring, shelves, tables, and wall paneling, to name a few.

The Main Difference Between Woodworking & Carpentry

Often, when describing what we do here at Mock Woodworking, the first comment is: Oh, so you’re carpenters. To which we typically respond: Not exactly. There’s a difference.

Woodworkers and carpenters are both highly skilled tradesmen. While their skill sets overlap in some ways, there are several differences. The primary difference is that woodworkers make things out of wood, whereas carpenters install items made out of wood. Architects and builders rely on our team to create the woodwork for a project versus installation alone.

What Architectural Woodworking Firms Do

We work alongside architects and builders to bring their vision to life in wood—and other materials, depending on the project. And that process is as much about artistry as it is about creating something functional like a table to eat off or a door to keep out the cold. That’s why architectural woodworkers have extensive knowledge of different furniture styles, design practices, and woodworking techniques.

Our role in a project typically involves these steps at a high level:

Project Planning

When an architect or builder comes to Mock Woodworking with a project, we respond with recommendations on how to execute it within the desired budgetary framework. Decades of combined experience allow us to help clients accurately define their needs and achieve their goals, including everything from cost estimating and budgeting to material selection.

Samples & Prototypes

In many cases, a sample or prototype will assist in making decisions on construction details, visual appearance, and final finish. Our expert craftsmen can produce samples and prototypes to precisely match sketched drawings, architectural blueprints, or existing wood samples.

Create Woodwork

Our team uses a combination of the latest technology and old-world know-how to craft woodwork at our Zanesville, Ohio facilities. We pride ourselves on having impressive attention to detail, especially with the elegant finish work we bring to every project that’s hard to find anywhere else in the industry.


After our team creates the woodwork, our networks of experts install based on our exacting expectations for final product quality. They utilize techniques that reduce exposed fasteners, ensure structural integrity and minimize touch up—all following AWI installation standards.

Architectural and Specialty Woodworking From Mock Woodworking

Custom architectural and specialty woodwork from Mock Woodworking offers limitless possibilities to bring your vision to life. Contact our team to discuss your project today. Let us estimate your job and demonstrate how we can make your venture a success.