“Every space tells a story.” This tiny sentence is the first thing anyone who visits our website reads. It is a statement that gets to the heart of who we are. An organization’s presentation can be as impactful as its actual service. However, as important as presentation is, it is nothing if no substance is behind it. The harmonic convergence of design and functionality is something with which Mock Woodworking is intimately familiar. Our wood craftsmanship skills strive to make your space specific to you, your brand, and your needs, it must be equally strong where it performs. 

Mock Woodworking cares about quality wood craftsmanship. This attention to detail has several benefits. Keep reading to learn everything that comes with a partnership with Mock Woodworking. 

Provides Start to Finish Wood Craftsmanship Services 

Some designers limit their involvement with a project to the initial layouts and plans. From there, they may pass it off to a construction company, which will take over the remainder of the project. Mock Woodworking gets rid of the middleman and handles the entirety of your build. This hands-on approach allows Mock Woodworking to ensure that every aspect of your project is accountable to our dedication to providing the highest quality. This holistic approach will allow us to address any concerns or changes the client may want at any point in the service without going through a secondary organization. 

Offers Specialized Wood Craftsmanship

As we’ve referenced earlier, every space tells a story. So Mock Woodworking wants to know: what’s your story? Regardless of the narrative you want to tell, we can help you craft your organization’s architectural presentation by providing elite carpentry and design options through our woodworking skills. We have listed three of our most commonly served industries to highlight our capabilities further. 

Industries Mock Woodworking Serves


Retail venues provide an excellent opportunity for Mock Woodworking to showcase their superior wood craftsmanship. These establishments require a space that will allow them to display and highlight their wares, but most also have adequate storage space to restock when necessary. When working from the ground up, Mock Woodworking can create a space that will naturally bring attention to your products and aim to conceal other necessities of the area that may detract from the shopper’s experience.


Restaurant design offers a unique opportunity to let our clients and our imaginations soar. Many eating establishments wish to appeal to the other senses apart from just smell and taste to round out their experience. A great way to start this multi-sensory experience is to ensure from the beginning that the architecture of your restaurant is something to behold. Whether or not you want an exposed kitchen or closed-off dining rooms, we can work together to create an eating experience that will keep your diners returning. 


There are a lot of complicated aspects that go into a working hospital. It needs to be efficient and clean to allow the institution’s professionals to do their work. However, it must be calming and respectful for those merely visiting, as is needed in trying times. This juxtaposition can be challenging for some design and architecture professionals, but not for Mock Woodworking. We have significant experience in hospital wood craftsmanship and know the best practices to ensure any hospital we design performs precisely as needed. 

Work with Mock Woodworking to Receive All Their Benefits

As every person is unique, every design will be as well. Apart from our hands-on approach from start to finish, the most significant benefit is that we care about telling your story. Contact Mock Woodworking today to share your story so we can start telling it together.