Custom Commercial Woodworking

Whether your commercial space is a small retail location or a sprawling corporate campus, custom woodworking and its companion materials offer the benefits of functionality and aesthetic appeal that can set your business apart. With limitless materials, colors, and finishes, the possibilities go far beyond what is typically offered by one-size-fits-all furnishings.

The Value of Custom Woodworking

Your commercial space says a lot about your business. When distinctive brand elements work alongside custom woodwork, it can create an impression before customers even meet with your employees. Quality craftsmanship has the power to set the stage for a positive experience. 

With custom woodworking, you can pull together construction and design elements while integrating unique features with artistic appeal. Beyond aesthetics, custom woodworking can also serve functional purposes, increasing storage and usable space.

Options for Woodworking in Your Commercial Space

There are virtually no boundaries in the ways custom woodworking can elevate commercial spaces. From signage to doorways, floors, ceilings and more – almost every square foot of a structure can benefit from custom woodworking. Our craftsmen have created custom woodwork and veneer for nearly every type of commercial space imaginable. We also have experience with integrating other materials into our custom solutions including upholstery, metals, glass, and other design elements.

Health Care 

In healthcare settings, comfort is essential but functional aspects matter as well. That’s where custom woodwork comes into play. Seating and reception areas can include shelving and storage that enhance productivity while also adding warmth and comfort. Woodwork can extend that feeling into every part of the space: conference rooms, exam rooms, birthing suites, office spaces, and auditoriums.

Higher Education

Colleges and universities have unique identities, and there is no better way to extend that personality throughout the campus than with custom woodworking. Every space is an opportunity to tell a story, and custom craftsmanship gives the story engaging twists and turns that bring it to life. Whether it is seating and gathering areas, conference rooms, classrooms, offices, or auditoriums, custom woodworking and other architectural materials we can incorporate help enhance and define the experience.

Retail Space

Our retail partners recognize that woodwork, shelving, casework, and material branding is an essential aspect of distinctive in-store experiences. The experience starts from the minute a customer approaches the store to observe lighting, signage, and window displays. From there, custom woodwork can extend the brand experience into every area:

    • Shelves and display areas where customers interact with associates and merchandise
    • Seating, waiting areas, and dressing rooms where customers make purchasing decisions
    • Distinctive branded check out areas where sales become final  

Corporate Offices 

Imagine walking into a corporate office of a large law firm or well-known retail brand. Now, picture this space with white walls, floors, and plastic furnishings. Does this reflect the environment you have created? What if the signage and displays, conference rooms, offices, and seating areas have warm tones, and unique aesthetics – artistry crafted from wood and other quality materials. These elements work together with other aspects to create a vastly more engaging experience that’s cohesive with the corporate identity and branding.

Public Buildings & Churches

Every community has unique elements that define its culture. Public spaces and places of worship are places where that identity can be displayed using custom woodwork. A community center may use woodwork and related materials for displays, storage, offices, seating areas, and conference rooms. In particular, churches are known for the use of custom woodwork at every turn – doors, flooring, seating, and artistry that tells a story and reinforces religious faith.


For hospitality and restaurants, custom woodwork can be found in nearly every aspect of the space. You’ll find custom craftsmanship beneath your feet, surrounding the doorways you enter, where you wait to be seated, and even the tables and chairs where you dine. The goal is to make customers feel at home and comfortable, so they want to keep coming back for more. Custom architectural woodworking is an essential player in bringing that space to life – and Mock has a successful history of accomplishing this.

Partner with Mock Woodworking

Custom woodwork and veneer projects offer limitless possibilities to elevate your brand, and our skilled craftsmen have the experience to bring your vision for your commercial space to life. Contact our team to discuss your commercial project today. Let us estimate your job and demonstrate what we can help you accomplish making your project or venture a success.