Custom wood designs say a lot about a brand. Wood is one of very few materials that conveys both luxury and health, beauty and durability, timelessness and trendiness. And when it comes to commercial wood design, Mock Woodworking brings decades of experience and craftsmanship to the table.

Our passion is crafting custom wood décor and architectural woodworking that elevates interior design for business success. We understand the features of wood species that dovetail with contemporary design concepts from ultra-modern to vintage-inspired to enduringly traditional.

Read on to see how wood features customized to your industry, scale and brand can benefit your brick-and-mortar business location, whether it’s a stylish boutique, world-class medical facility, educational setting, national hotel chain or community gathering space.

Benefits of Wood Features in Businesses

You’ve likely experienced it yourself — that subtle shift into a calmer, less anxious emotional state when you enter a space that features wood design elements. We humans have an innate connection to natural materials, and wood almost universally evokes feelings of happiness, comfort and warmth.

Want your clients, customers and colleagues to tap into those feelings when they enter your business? Custom wood designs are key to achieving it, as well as reaping other benefits that include:

Timeless Beauty with Endless Variety

Our woodworkers have deep, abiding respect for our medium. They discuss the grain patterns, hardness and color of different tree species the way sports fans extol their favorite players. They’ll admit what we all know — that every woodgrain is sumptuously beautiful in its own way and has been for millennia — before going on to passionately argue why one species is better than another for your branding or project design.

Sustainability with Style

Wood is the most renewable resource in the construction industry — but sustainability doesn’t happen in a vacuum. We value all the wood material properties that make it attractive and stylish while also taking very seriously our responsibility for its ongoing availability. Mock woodworking is proud to display the Forest Stewardship Council label on our website, products and projects. This certification verifies our commitment to using methods and equipment in our facilities that reduce waste, recommending and using materials that are friendliest to the environment, and getting involved in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) projects. We’ve also established a tree farm in Ohio to both benefit Mother Earth and ensure future generations of woodworking aficionados.

Durability with Design Cred

Our custom wood décor is designed for lasting beauty. Mock’s skilled woodworkers deliver sturdy construction with tight joints that stand up to the rigors of high foot traffic and everyday use while looking luxuriously beautiful for years. This promise of durability that dovetails with visual design details comes from our Craftsman’s Creed, ensuring that every project we take on receives our full attention to every detail and the fullness of our master-level skills.

How Wood Materials Elevate Different Industries

From initial ideation through final installation, our process brings your brand story to life. Our team has the highest level of operational expertise to support architects and contractors with solutions that fit nearly any industry. We consider the purpose, requirements and uses of your space, then formulate ways of using wood in interior design concepts that maximize and enhance your facility’s look and performance.

Some of the industries we’ve partnered with include:


The calming effects of wood features are particularly beneficial for woodwork in the healthcare industry. Custom wood design on reception desks, cabinetry, wall panels and more create a tranquil aesthetic while supporting efficiency in hospitals, doctor offices, clinics and other healthcare facilities.


Whether it’s used for carefully tuned acoustics in an auditorium, custom shelves in a library or eye-catching aesthetics in student centers and other public spaces, wood design is exceptionally suited for educational facilities. Our craftspeople really make the grade with custom fixtures, millwork and architectural woodworking that take your campus renovations or new construction projects to the head of the class.


Interior design for businesses in the hospitality sector is tricky. It must be warm and welcoming while simultaneously enduring heavy daily use and strict hygiene requirements. Because our craftsmen have deep knowledge of plastic laminate, solid-surface stone, metal and wood material properties, we can offer advice and insight into the best choices for your restaurant, bar or hotel.


With so many online shopping choices, customers who venture into your brick-and-mortar shop want more than good products and prices — they’re looking for a memorable shopping experience. The most effective business interior design strategy for accomplishing that is to use retail store woodworking to enhance and elevate your space. Custom wood features like product displays, wall and floor fixtures, moveable platforms, kiosks and POP displays capture attention and draw customers in with high-quality finishes and superior style. Whether yours is a bright and airy department store, a fashion-forward boutique or a luxury goods emporium, we can help develop custom wood designs that tell your story.

Civic and Sacred Spaces

Fellowship. Legacy. Community. These values come to life through custom wood designs for places of worship and woodworking for civic spaces, like courtrooms and museums. Finding solutions for these multi use facilities can be a complicated process that involves many viewpoints. Mock Woodworking collaborates with religious and public organizations to make sure every detail aligns with the group’s mission and values while facilitating function and complementing historic beauty.

Benefits of Custom Wood Designs for Businesses

Custom commercial woodworking brings many benefits to your business. When you collaborate with Mock Woodworking to include customized wood features in your storefront, office or public space, you’ll quickly see how these elements:

Fit Your Specific Needs

There’s only so much functionality your business can squeeze out of prefab furniture and storage options. When you need retail displays, seating, shelving or cabinetry that fits seamlessly into a well-defined footprint, you need our capabilities of creative design and innovative problem-solving. No matter what industry you specialize in, we have experience crafting bespoke wood features and fixtures that meet your team’s everyday needs without compromising on beauty or durability.

Help Your Business Stand Out

Finely crafted custom wood décor is eye-catching and memorable. Incorporating our craftsmanship into your business design ideas makes your brand stand out among a sea of competitors — and understanding the difference between architectural woodworking and carpentry helps ensure you’re getting custom wood designs from start to finish, rather than just nice pieces of furniture. We work with your architects and builders to plan, design, create and install unique woodworking that impresses visitors and customers while keeping your brand top of mind.

Elevate Your Brand

Looking for commercial design ideas that bring a sense of luxury, warmth or drama to your company’s image? Look no further than the wide range of wood material properties! We’re constantly astounded by how wood stains and finishes influence interior design concepts with their nearly endless options. Whether your brand identity skews bright and airy, warm and comforting, dark and dramatic — or something in between — our skilled and experienced craftspeople can help you choose the perfect wood species, stains and accents to elevate and enhance it in your space.

Achieve Custom Wood Designs With Mock Woodworking

Bring your business design ideas to life with the craftsmanship, skill and experience of Mock Woodworking. We know you have many things to consider before hiring a woodworking company to achieve the commercial interior design you have in mind. We also know that our process, capabilities and commitment to quality can exceed your expectations. Contact our team today to get started creating your brand’s unique custom wood designs.