Sustainable Wood: One of Earth’s Most Renewable Resources

At Mock Woodworking, our respect for nature and hope for a greener tomorrow leads us to practice sustainability. Our sustainable woodworking policies and support for organizations devoted to preserving sustainable wood options are only the start of our commitment to Mother Nature. From supporting a tree farm to participating in LEED projects, we are proud of how we support our forests!

Commitment to Sustainable Woodworking

The first step to quality is taking pride in your workMock Woodworking operates according to our Craftsman’s Creed. This declaration of principles lets the public know our organization’s values and ensures that we ourselves adhere to these standards. 

Our creed addresses one of Mock Woodworking’s highest values: Legacy. No matter what we do in our work, we know it will leave a mark. Whether teaching an apprentice, strengthening our carpentry traditions, or serving the next generation of woodworkers, we constantly look to the future.

In addition to stating our goals, the code reaffirms our commitment to sustainable woodworking and reverence for nature. “Working with wood means partnering with natural beauty. Every tree species is different and must be understood.” Building a better future and leaving a thriving legacy starts with respect for our medium.

Mock Woodworking’s Contributions to Sustainable Wood

Environmentally friendly organizations often take a holistic approach to their sustainability practices. Implementing various ecologically responsible tactics will lead to a more effective strategy. The following sections are only a few examples of how Mock Woodworking utilizes sustainable wood practices.

Cooperation with LEED Projects

At Mock Woodworking, we practice what we preach. We recognize that we are all responsible for the planet’s environmental future. To best do our part, we have implemented the best ecological business procedures and strategies that we practice daily.

For example, we participate in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) projects. LEED is an international standard that regulates the development of projects. The organization provides a structure for multiple aspects of a project, ranging in health, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. This framework offers ecologically responsible options, as well as governmental and social benefits. 

Mock Woodworking’s Tree Farm 

Any woodworker must have respect for the forests that provide their materials. Mock Woodworking, among many others, has implemented strategies to ensure that there will be plenty of resources in the future. 

In addition to our partnerships, certifications, and internal practices, we have taken a more practical step in the future of our planet’s forestry. We have established a local tree farm to benefit the environment and future generations.

With the addition of this sponsored tree farm, we hope to provide an example to others in the industry to practice ecological stewardship and explore other environmentally responsible options. 

FSC Certification for our Sustainable Wood

For the past thirty years, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has provided international governance for the responsible harvesting and maintenance of forests worldwide. In that time, their influence has grown to cover over 200 million hectares. 

The FSC allows producers and manufacturers access to sustainably sourced products and the ability to follow ecologically friendly business practices. Their influence works to minimize a producer’s environmental impact. 

The Forest Stewardship Council implements a certification system for various projects and products to ensure the responsibility of their practice. This certification lets consumers, as well as manufacturers, know that the materials used are ecologically responsible. 

Mock Woodworking uses FSC-certified sustainable wood products whenever possible and supports other organizations prioritizing environmental practices.

Mock Woodworking Works For A Greener Tomorrow 

Sustainability and responsibility work. Mock Woodworking has created quality wood installations for 70 years. We have achieved such longevity due to the care we have shown for our craft and for the next generation. If you want your project built with the high standard of care we have practiced over the last 70 years, contact Mock Woodworking today to start building your tomorrow.