About Mock Woodworking

Mock Woodworking is an American woodworking company that has been producing architectural woodwork since 1954. Our highly trained craftsmen have an average of 15 years of experience, and we’re constantly adding to our capabilities and expertise. Our collective skills allow us to produce highly functional, long-lasting woodworking that elevates spaces.

American Woodworking Capabilties

Mock Woodworking creates beautiful and functional products for retail, hospitality, healthcare, higher education, and other industries. We serve our commercial clients through two facilities, where master craftsmen use the latest specialized equipment to craft custom fixtures—for one location or a thousand.

Commercial Woodworking

When you take a look around, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find some type of woodwork—no matter where you are at—restaurants, retailers, offices, schools, and more. You’ll probably also notice a variety of styles, colors, and materials.

Since woodwork is present in so many different structures and there’s so much diversity, American woodworkers spend countless hours honing their skills and knowledge. That’s why our highly skilled craftsmen can transform virtually any commercial space with woodwork that contributes to the desired aesthetic and functional requirements.


From entryways and waiting areas to exam rooms, offices, and meeting spaces, our team brings the highest standard of craftsmanship to our healthcare customers. We offer a full range of capabilities to meet the needs of any size healthcare project at competitive prices.

Higher Education

Whether the design aesthetic is traditional, minimalist, or modern, you’ll find our work present at colleges and universities around the country. We’ve worked to build or renovate practically every space you’ll find on campuses with high quality, functional woodwork.

Retail Stores

Our craftsmen create specialty fixtures that you’ll find throughout retail spaces—from the perimeter and storefront to fitting rooms, countertops, seating areas, and more. We design woodwork to your specifications so it’s strong, durable, and functional—all to reinforce your brand and improve the in-store experience.

Corporate Offices

Creating the ideal working environment can promote a culture of collaboration, enhance productivity and boost morale. Mock Woodworking helps you transform your workplace from a utilitarian office space to an attractive, welcoming environment that reflects your company’s brand vision and values.

Public Buildings & Churches

Whether it’s a house of worship, recreation center, or city government buildings, you’ll find our high-quality woodwork throughout these spaces. Beautiful and functional woodwork helps to serve people’s needs while creating character that reinforces community values.


Mock Woodworking’s expertly crafted millwork is proudly displayed in fine and casual dining establishments, bars, breweries, pubs, speakeasies, beer halls, pop-up bars, cocktail lounges, and themed drinking establishments. Whether it’s new construction, expansion, or extensive renovation, we work collaboratively to help you create refined, luxurious, comfortable, and inviting environments.

Mock Woodworking

Every custom commercial project is designed with a level of solid construction and meticulous finishing work that you can’t find anywhere else.

Our goal is to deliver beautiful, functional woodworking that serves our customers at the highest level and elevates the American woodworking standard. Woodworking is in our country’s DNA. It’s a tradition passed down by craftsmen through the generations that is present in nearly every facet of daily life. That’s a legacy worth venerating.

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