Mock Woodworking has always been rooted in nature. Our founder, Wilbur Mock, learned from Amish craftsmen how to transform trees into fine furniture. Long before he opened his own business when his carpentry skills were still green, woodworking tools felt right in his hands – and the beauty of nature informed his artistry.

Seven decades later, we retain those deep feelings of respect for the natural materials we work with every day. We are deeply invested in sustainable woodworking principles that help preserve a healthy environment where our beloved trees can thrive.

Is wood a sustainable material? It is when it’s nurtured with thoughtfulness and care for its long-term future.

Let’s look at the many ways Mock supports sustainable wood products and sustainable woodworking processes through careful material choices, involvement in LEED projects, alignment with national organizations and more.

How Is Mock Being Sustainable?

The best sustainable wood practices require effort, thoughtfulness and commitment. We’ve made choices throughout our 70 years of success that aligned with our core values of excellent craftsmanship and quality – while also demonstrating how we value sustainability. They may not have been the cheapest or easiest choices, but they kept our focus on the big picture: a healthier planet we all share with trees and other creatures.

Our sustainable wood choices include:

Tree Species Selection

The craftsmen at Mock can discuss tree species with the depth of detail that others might reserve for their favorite sports team. We take immense pride in revealing to clients the differences in wood grain, color and hardness that make one species more appropriate than another for certain projects. We’re particularly grateful to be located in the Midwest where we have easy access to Eastern hardwoods that are perfectly suited to crafting high-quality furniture and cabinetry. In fact, the deep love we have for our medium drives us to select the species for each project with extra care for both its aesthetic and sustainable properties.

LEED Projects

At Mock Woodworking, we’ve invested in sustainable woodworking methods and equipment that minimize our manufacturing waste. But our commitment to doing our part for the environment goes further than our in-house choices. We also choose a portion of projects because they align with our eco-friendly values, especially those certified as Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) projects. What is LEED certification? It’s a framework that encourages builders and engineers to incorporate materials and strategies that mitigate long-term negative effects on the environment and people. Our sustainable wood products add value and beauty to these efforts.

Sustainable Wood With FSC Certification

The Forest Stewardship Council is the guardian of our planet’s woodlands. Mock is proud to partner with the FSC to amplify our eco-friendly manufacturing processes with materials that have been sustainably sourced from forests maintained for future generations. We choose and suggest FSC-certified sustainable wood products whenever possible and proudly display the FSC logo on our website to encourage more participation in responsible forestry.

Planting Trees For a Better Tomorrow

Wood is a sustainable material – but it needs help to stay that way. Our founder, Wilbur Mock, planted the seeds of eco-friendliness in his son’s mind at an early age. Years later, Doug Mock still walks the walk of our sustainability talk by planting trees on his farm in Ohio. He has planted some 7,000 trees throughout his 41-year tenure at the helm of our business – and in the spring of 2024 alone, he’s planting 500 white oaks. This species grows more slowly than others, by about 1 foot a year, and can live for centuries. That makes them a true gift to our shared planet – and to the next generation of woodworkers. Adding sustainability to the benefits of Mock Woodworking’s craftsmanship makes it possible for our children and grandchildren to continue making and enjoying both lush forests and beautiful, sustainable wood products.

Why Sustainability Is Important to Mock

Why should any of us care about sustainable woodworking? At Mock, we have an investment in wood as a sustainable material that allows us to continue doing what we love. But sustainability is about more than maintaining a business – it’s about accepting our responsibility to our clients while embracing our duty to this planet we all share.

Our craftsmen have such deep pride in the strength and beauty of the wood structures they build that they developed the craftsman’s creed. It highlights how they see themselves as partners with natural beauty, appreciating each species as inherently unique and valuing the traditions handed down from past woodworkers and carried forward to the next generation.

We care about sustainable woodworking because it’s the right thing to do – and because sustainable wood products dovetail with our process of partnering with clients to build relationships while building sturdy, durable, gorgeous spaces.

What story do you want to tell with Mock’s sustainable woodworking? Reach out and let us help you find the sustainable materials, tools and processes to bring it to life.