Mock Woodworking is renowned for unmatched craftsmanship and fearless innovation in custom wood design.

But where did our passion for woodworking come from? How did we become a leader in specialty woodworking for healthcare, retail, education and other industries? And what does the future look like for our woodworking services?

Join us in reflecting on our journey from a small woodworking shop in Ohio’s Muskingum County to a full-service architectural woodwork enterprise respected by designers and engineers across the country – with a nod to our sustainable woodworking practices that square with our commitment to future generations of craftspeople.

Our Roots Run Deep

The Mock Woodworking story began 70 years ago in the calloused hands of Wilbur Mock. He learned the art of woodworking in Ohio’s heartland from Amish and Mennonite craftsmen, then followed the American dream of launching his own woodworking business from his Zanesville workshop in 1954.

As the company’s reputation for excellence grew, so did Wilbur’s son, Doug. He went off to college and a corporate career but returned in 1983 with an MBA and a vision for transforming his father’s respected local shop into a national powerhouse.

Residential projects in the Columbus, Ohio, area soon led to custom architectural projects in high-end retail stores like American Eagle, Victoria’s Secret, Vineyard Vines and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Always dedicated to the craftsman’s creed, Doug became president of the Architectural Woodwork Institute and expanded his crew’s specialty woodworking expertise into the public sector. The Ohio State House, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Westcott House, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and other projects propelled the company to further creative success.

Doug transitioned to a strategy and consultation role in 2020 after more than 35 years of leading the company through exponential growth. Today, long-time friend and colleague Andrew Dix continues Doug’s legacy as president of Mock Woodworking, rooted in values of quality, innovation and pride in craftsmanship.

We Grow Beautiful, Sustainable Woodworking

The beauty of our custom woodworking services begins in nature. Wilbur, Doug, Andrew and the entire Mock Woodworking crew have deep reverence for our medium – many of us can discuss tree species with the depth of detail most people reserve for their favorite sports teams.

We want to ensure future generations can continue to enjoy the rich, sumptuous look of custom wood design in public and private spaces. That’s why we focus on sustainable wood and woodworking processes that help protect our shared planet and nurture all the creatures that call it home.

From our participation in LEED-certified projects to our partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council to the more than 7,000 trees Doug Mock has planted throughout his tenure with Mock Woodworking, we’re committed to growing our business in a sustainable, ethical way.

The Best Custom Wood Design For Your Industry

Architectural woodwork brings a sense of luxurious calm to any environment. Mock is proud to enhance people’s experience in a wide variety of spaces with specialty woodworking that elevates, soothes and invites.

You can find our custom wood design in industries that include:

  • Healthcare – Woodworking adds biophilic beauty to doctor’s offices, hospitals and clinics.
  • Higher Education – Custom wood design creates a stately atmosphere for intellectual pursuits in educational facilities.
  • Retail Stores – Shoppers feel welcome and comfortable amid durable, functional and luxurious wooden fixtures in retail stores.
  • Corporate OfficesArchitectural woodworking promotes a culture of productivity and collaboration while reflecting your company’s brand.
  • Public Buildings and Churches – High-quality woodwork in government buildings and places of worship helps foster a strong sense of community.
  • Hospitality – From bars and restaurants to cozy inns and high-end hotels, specialty woodworking helps guests feel comfortable and surrounded by luxury.

Our Expertise at Your Service

The Mock Woodworking journey started in Wilbur Mock’s workshop, and has continued through public and private spaces across the country – into a future full of creative possibilities! Meet the team behind our custom wood designs, and explore our portfolio of architectural and specialty woodworking projects to see for yourself how we’ve honed our craft.

How can we bring our expertise to your renovation or new build? Reach out today and discover how our woodworking services can elevate the functionality and beauty of your space with our unique combination of Old World craftsmanship and the latest technological advancements.