Every aspect of a medical facility or hospital design contributes to the wellness of the people in those spaces. From the lighting and ventilation systems to the counters, cabinetry, and furniture for medical office settings, the choices you make in the healthcare facility design process directly impact patients and staff in numerous ways.

Including custom woodworking design in healthcare settings is a smart move. Not only is wood a beautiful and sustainable building material, but wood features bring many wellness benefits to facilities focused on achieving healthy outcomes.

Mock Woodworking has decades of experience crafting custom wood furniture and architectural elements for a variety of public and private spaces. Read on to learn how our team of skilled craftspeople can help you incorporate all the benefits of custom woodworking into the human-centric design of your healthcare facility.

Mock Woodworking creating quality woodworking for hospital design.

Permission and photo by Ed Rombout

Benefits of Woodworking in Healthcare Facility Design

The term ‘biophilia’ refers to the human affinity for nature and a longing to connect to other living creatures. The idea has been around since the time of the ancient Greeks, but an American biologist and naturalist named Edward O. Wilson popularized the word in the 1980s. More recent research supports the idea that using materials found in nature to construct or decorate wellness spaces can deliver many benefits to the people working or seeking care in those spaces.

For us here at Mock, this is not a new phenomenon, as our woodworking capabilities in industries like healthcare have always seemed like a natural pairing.

The biophilic benefits of woodworking in healthcare facility design include:

Creating a Welcoming Environment

It’s nearly universal — the feeling of warmth and welcome that arises when you walk into a space enhanced with wood features. As you develop a medical office or hospital design, architecture and furniture made from wood can create an atmosphere that makes visitors, patients, and employees feel truly welcome. Our experienced team is ready to show you how wood stains and finishes influence interior design so that you can achieve an appropriate vibe. From the open and airy feel of light woods to the cozy comfort of medium wood tones to the deep drama of darker wood finishes, we’ll help you choose the perfect species and finishing elements to invite a welcoming effect into your facility.

Helping Lower Stress and Boost Mood

That initial welcome sets the stage for an overall healthcare facility design focused on wellness. Simply being in the presence of a natural material like wood can lower stress levels and boost morale. That’s invaluable for the healthcare heroes working long hours in your facility, as well as the patients striving to recover from illness and medical procedures. We work with you to design wood furniture and features that support efficiency while soothing the senses with nature-made beauty.   

As you dive into the basics of what woodworking is and how it supports the well-being of your workers and your patients, you’ll also find that the Mock team adheres to the highest industry standards to ensure top-quality woodworking design in your facility.

Supporting Hygiene Standards

Sanitation and cleanliness are paramount in any medical facility or hospital. Design elements must not only look good but also stand up to the rigors of hospital-grade disinfectants and near-constant use and cleaning. Our craftspeople have the deepest respect for our medium and a deep understanding of the specific properties of different tree species. Pairing their expertise with our state-of-the-art dedicated finishing facility guarantees a furniture-grade finish that’s extremely durable. You can rest assured that your custom wood furniture, cabinetry, and other design pieces will withstand your facility’s hygienic standards while maintaining their stylish appearance for the long haul.

Improving Acoustics

Wood has natural sound-absorbing qualities that can mitigate the bothersome background noise in a healthcare facility. Design strategies like wood wall panels, wooden ceiling beams and wood cabinetry can help improve the acoustics in a doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital floor — and when healthcare providers and patients can hear each other better, the odds of positive outcomes naturally increase.

Elevating Your Facility’s Image

Custom woodworking design adds a sense of luxury and prestige to any space. Whether it’s a world-class children’s hospital, a renowned research clinic, or a private physician’s office, including wood in your healthcare architecture design creates an elevated image of professionalism. Once you understand the difference between architectural woodworking and carpentry, you’ll see how our skills dovetail with your vision of custom wood features that go beyond nice cupboards. The Mock team works alongside your architects and designers at every step of the process — from initial planning and prototyping through final installation — to ensure our woodworking design elevates and enhances your facility’s image in the eyes of your colleagues, patients, and the general public.

Custom Wood Furniture Ideas for Medical Offices

Ready to see how Mock’s experience with healthcare architecture fits into your healthcare facility design? Take a look at our portfolio of past projects to get a sense of the breadth and depth of our custom woodworking capabilities. Then start imagining how our custom wood furniture and fixtures can take your project to the next level.

Some ideas for wood-based hospital design and architecture include:

Entry and Wayfinding Embellishments

From the moment people step foot in your healthcare facility, design elements surround them. Let the natural beauty of custom wood features lead them to their destination without confusion or added stress. Wooden archways, doorways, wall panels, and custom signage all work together to make it easier for visitors to find the office or department they need while creating a calm, inviting atmosphere.

Front Desk and Workstations

Custom wood furniture for medical offices and clinics helps healthcare heroes work more efficiently for better patient outcomes. We can help design a front desk that incorporates your branding into a functional workspace with a welcoming style. Custom woodworking design on nurses’ stations and service areas throughout your facility supports efficiency while maximizing limited space.

Cabinetry and Shelving

Choosing wood features for the cabinets and shelving in your healthcare facility design brings soothing warmth into otherwise sterile spaces. Exam rooms, patient rooms, employee lounge areas, and other spaces require storage — but these spaces often feature a lot of metal and other hard surfaces that can feel cold and clinical. The Mock team works with you to create custom wood cabinetry and shelving that complement other design elements and your overall brand image while warming up the atmosphere for patients and employees.

Seating for Waiting and Exam Rooms

Custom wood furniture for medical office waiting rooms and exam rooms is a solid choice. Not only are these pieces naturally beautiful, but they’re designed to be durable and resilient in the face of rigorous use. We’ll help you create custom wood furniture pieces like chairs, sofas, benches, and more that fit your space exactly, complement other interior design features, and offer comfortable rest to visitors and patients.

Elevate Your Healthcare Facility Design With Mock Woodworking

Ready to elevate your healthcare architecture and facility design with the natural beauty, welcoming warmth, and custom comfort of Mock Woodworking? We know you have many things to consider before hiring a woodworking company to bring your hospital architecture designs to life. We’re confident that our experience, capabilities, and commitment to utmost quality will dovetail with your reputation as a healthcare authority. Contact us today to see how our custom woodworking benefits your patients, your colleagues, and your brand image.