Looking to elevate your brand image with wood? Retail display shelves that are customized to your space do more than show off your products — they make a luxurious statement while attracting and connecting with your target audience. In fact, custom retail fixtures can take your business to the next level with a standout look and bespoke functionality.

At Mock, we specialize in crafting custom woodworking for retail stores that are built to order, designed to impress and guaranteed to last.

If you’re not sure how custom retail displays fit with your brand or budget, you’re in the right place! Read on for our seasoned insight into why customers prefer custom fixtures for retail stores, how a wood retail display creates a welcoming shopping environment, plus a few ideas from our extensive experience of creating custom retail shelving, POP displays, floor and wall fixtures, moveable retail displays and more.



Benefits of Custom Retail Fixtures

Our custom commercial woodworking brings a wealth of benefits to your retail shop. Whether it’s an upscale boutique, a national luxury chain or a niche-market emporium, our commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail deliver serious ROI.

Through endless variety and the highest quality, our custom woodworking can help you:

Maximize Your Space

No matter how many square feet your store occupies, custom retail fixtures make the most of every inch. This is where understanding the difference between architectural woodworking vs carpentry comes into play. The craftspeople at Mock don’t just make or install nice cabinets — we work with your architects and designers from initial project planning through final installation to develop workable solutions at every step. We can help you use vertical space with options like wall units and gondola shelving to capture attention and entice shoppers. In short, we’ll maximize your entire space with the most innovative and creative retail display ideas possible.

Achieve Seamless Design

Ever been in a store that obviously used prefab shelving or pegboard as fixtures for retail displays? The effect is decidedly ad hoc with mismatched colors and a confusing brand message. On the other hand, a custom merchandise display in a retail store looks seamlessly intentional and right at home with every other design element in the space. The skilled craftspeople at Mock have spent years honing their time-tested skills and keeping up with the latest technologies. We’re proud of our capabilities, and industries as varied as healthcare, higher education, hospitality and retail have allowed us to elevate and enhance their unique spaces. We can do the same for you.

Support Your Team

The people who work in your retail store need all the help they can get in creating a memorable and successful experience for your customers. Custom retail fixtures and shelving support their efficiency by displaying merchandise in an eye-catching way and making it easier to restock items throughout the day. Custom displays for retail stores can also make visual inventory a breeze and help limit shrinkage.

Get a High-End Look That’s Durable and Sustainable

Displays for retail stores must be able to withstand heavy use and daily cleaning while retaining their high-end look. Nothing delivers all that like custom woodworking from Mock. Plus, our medium is one of the most renewable building materials around, and we’re committed to supporting its sustainability through mindful manufacturing processes and the use of products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This combination of luxurious beauty that’s also durable and sustainable aligns with the values your customers look for when deciding which retailer is worthy of their shopping dollars.



How Custom Woodworking Impacts Your Brand Image

Want a real-world look at how custom woodworking can elevate a brand? Take a look at the new Abercrombie & Fitch store in NYC, featuring Mock Woodworking custom retail displays! We worked with the company’s design team to strategically incorporate wood, textiles and lighting into an elevated and inviting space that balances the brand’s rustic origins with its fashion-forward future.

This project exemplifies our flexible and innovative approach to custom retail fixtures that can:

Invite More Foot Traffic and Sales

Humans are naturally attracted to materials found in nature, like wood. That means using it in an entryway or custom retail shelving that’s visible from the street is a good move. Wood’s natural beauty invites more foot traffic into your store — then helps connect shoppers to your merchandise, which often encourages them to complete the sale.

Elevate Your Brand Image

What message is your brand trying to deliver to customers? Does it offer bright, airy cleanliness with a fresh attitude? Is it more about warmth and coziness with a traditional feel? Or does it beckon from the dark side with deep drama and a distinct statement? Custom woodworking can elevate any of these design schemes, thanks to the ways wood stains and finishes influence interior design. Whatever brand image you want to put out there — from sleek modernity to vintage kitsch to timeless traditions to the very height of class and luxury — our custom retail fixtures can help you achieve it.

Make Your Store Stand Out From the Competition

Even amid the bustling sensory overload of New York’s retail district, custom woodworking can help a retailer stand out from the crowd. When combined with other materials, like solid surface stone or metal, the effect can be quite eye-catching. If you’re not ready for a full entryway makeover, consider small touches of wood on a merchandise display in retail store windows to add visual interest and natural appeal for overwhelmed shoppers.



Creative Retail Display Ideas from Mock

From wood retail display shelves to custom cash wraps to both permanent and moveable custom retail fixtures, Mock Woodworking does it all. Here are a few ideas for ways you can bring custom woodworking into your retail store design:

Stylish and Functional Checkout Counters

Completing a purchase should feel just as luxurious as the browsing part of the shopping experience. A cash wrap or checkout counter clad in the same sumptuous wood as your custom retail shelving keeps the vibe consistent from start to finish. Plus, the checkout areas we design can be tailored to the needs of your team with discreet storage that puts all the necessities at their fingertips.

Custom Wood Retail Display Shelves

Whether you’re offering shoes, clothes, electronics or jewelry, you need a variety of custom retail shelving to display our goods to your best advantage. We’ll work with your design team to understand your needs and create bespoke shelves that maximize your space while offering the utmost in visual appeal and accessibility.

Floor and Wall Fixtures for Retail Stores

From permanent floor fixtures that can draw in foot traffic to wall fixtures that make the most of vertical space, we can help you create custom retail displays that really impress. And because we are well-versed in the entire store design process, we can help your architect or designer choose the best placement of fixtures to allow ample space for foot traffic around and between them.

Moveable Custom Retail Fixtures

Sometimes you need more flexibility in your wood retail displays. Moveable fixtures for retail stores allow you to highlight new or seasonal products, increase customer engagement with your merchandise and create a sense of surprise and delight in a space that’s becoming stale. Types of custom moveable retail fixtures include rolling kiosks, gondola displays, moveable platforms, display cases and more.



Winning Custom Retail Displays From Mock Woodworking

Ready to see how our creative retail display ideas can elevate your brand and amplify your bottom line with luxurious custom woodworking? There’s a lot to consider before hiring a woodworking company, but our decades of experience and deep commitment to the highest standards of quality make Mock Woodworking an easy choice. Contact us today to add the warmth, natural beauty and timeless luxury of custom wood retail fixtures and displays to the shopping experience you offer.