Have you noticed the recent uptick in trending woodworking projects on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest? Do they have you thinking about adding custom woodworking to your business design for the New Year? Wondering how, exactly, woodworking trends will dovetail with your brand image?

The wood-obsessed pros at Mock Woodworking always have an eye on the latest woodworking industry trends. 2024 marks 70 years since our story began, so we’ve seen a lot of trendy ideas come and go. We’ve watched the timeless beauty of custom woodworking transcend those passing fancies with its enduring elegance and versatility.

Check out five of the 2024 design trends that captured our attention. Let us guide you through choosing the custom woodworking design elements that can complement and elevate your look.

Benefits of Wood Features in Commercial Business Design

The idea of biophilic design has been around for centuries. It refers to the affinity we humans have for nature and our desire to connect to other living beings. If one of your business goals is to foster a connection between your brand and your target audience, adding custom woodworking design elements to your brick-and-mortar location is a smart move.

The benefits of wood features in commercial settings include:

  • A warm sense of welcome
  • Improved acoustics
  • A serene and stress-free atmosphere
  • Quiet luxury
  • A wide range of color, grain and style choices

To get the most from your wood-based business design, you’ll need to think about architectural woodworking vs carpentry. What’s the difference? With Mock Woodworking, you get more than nice cabinets. You get deep professional insight at every step of the process, from initial planning and prototyping through final installation.

2024 Custom Woodworking Design Trends

There are many things to consider before hiring a woodworking company. However, the most important might be their knowledge of woodworking industry trends. At Mock, we pride ourselves on a combination of hard-earned traditional skills and the most current technological advances. This balance between Old World craftsmanship and modern methodology makes us the perfect choice to create trending woodworking projects for your business that feel fresh but can stand the test of time.

Here are our five faves from the 2024 design trends that can make your business really stand out:

Sustainability With Style

Environmental impact is a growing concern for consumers in nearly every industry, woodworking included. But sustainability is not new to us here at Mock. We’ve invested in methods and equipment that minimize waste in our manufacturing facilities, and we routinely use and recommend materials that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

We’re delighted to see woodworking trends that combine sustainability with style, like the use of eco-friendly finishes and reclaimed or salvaged wood. If environmental friendliness is your brand, custom wood features made with sustainable products and processes align with your values — and, more importantly, those of your clientele.

Naturally Beautiful Materials

Business design trends of the last couple of years have leaned more and more toward a “human-centric” ethos. That means developing designs that solve problems or make everyday life easier for people. The 2024 design trend of natural materials brings the biophilic concept into the conversation with a focus on the uniqueness inherent to wood features, like knots, cracks and unusual grain patterns. The craftspeople at Mock have deep knowledge and respect for our medium, so they can help you choose the species of tree that will best suit your project, as well as the finishes that will enhance and celebrate its natural beauty.

Dark Stains and Bold Colors

The variety of wood species, colors, grains and finishes is nearly endless — so your custom woodworking design can complement any aesthetic. One of the woodworking industry trends we’re most excited about is the move away from light-colored wood and toward darker stains or bolder colors. It’s always surprising to see how wood stains and finishes influence interior design, and this trend of boldly painted trim and deep stain choices breaks open a world of possibilities. If your current design theme is ultra-bright and airy, consider starting small with a bold accent color or slightly darker stain paired with lighter tones to warm up the atmosphere. But if your brand is all about the drama, go big with chocolate or black stains on hardwoods and a daring accent color, like deep red, sunlit yellow or rich blue.

Round and Organic Shapes

It’s hard to fit people into boxes, be they literal or metaphorical. That’s why the biophilic design idea shows up again in the 2024 design trend of round and organic shapes. Whether it’s a chandelier composed of concentric rings of brilliance, barstools with comfy curved backs or a healthcare check-in counter featuring softly sloped sides, custom woodworking is a natural complement to organically shaped furniture and fixtures. Take a peek at our gallery to see a wide variety of trending woodworking projects we’ve created for big-name clients that include organic lines on desks, bars, entryways and more.

Pattern Play

In a nod to the latest fashion fads, pattern mixing has gained attention among woodworking trends. Both traditional patterns, like herringbone and chevron, and more modern motifs like offset geometric shapes create visual interest and a sense of energy in a space. Pairing more than one pattern together can be tricky, but keeping the color and scale consistent lowers the odds of absolute chaos. This is where the custom woodworking design skills of the pros at Mock really shine. Our capabilities and experience in a wide range of industries make us your go-to partner in creating unique patterns on wood flooring, wall panels, cabinetry and furnishings. We can help you choose the wood features and patterns that complement your overall business design and add a fresh look of modernity that elevates your brand.

Custom Woodworking Designs From Mock Woodworking

Inspired by these woodworking trends? Ready to see how custom wood features that draw on 2024 design trends can refresh and revitalize your brand image? Contact Mock Woodworking today to get started designing your best business look yet. We can’t wait to bring your business design ideas to life through the magic and majesty of custom woodworking.